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IP to IP broadcast plugin????

I want to listen to my home PC (which is loaded with my CD's) here at work. Cable connection @ both - is there a winamp mp3 plugin that will broadcast IP to IP? I don't want to broadcast to the world, just one PC to another
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Well, you CAN use Shoutcast Server & DSP and configure it so it's not public.

Other than that, the only other plugins I know of are:

Netsync plugin (synchronize 2 winamps over a network)
http://www.winamp.com/plugins/detail...ponentId=15667 (beta 0.5)
http://skynet.phear.com/netsync/index.html (beta 0.8) [currently down]

NetAmp (Control winamp over a tcp/ip network)

But I think the Shoutcast solution is probably your best option ?!
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