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patrick brazil
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Windows MP will not let go!!

I have tried everything I know how to do including looking into my registry at the mime settings.All looks ok there.But when I click on songs to listen to Windows Media Player takes over,even though I have unchecked the mime type in options.Real Player was doing it before WMP.I uninstalled Real hoping this would give me full WinAmp functionality.It did not.Now I am being forced to use a player I don't want to.It is really a drag.Why must it be so hard?I mean tinkering around in the registry for a fix that should be on the players themselves.On a few threads I found,looking for a fix I did see this registry fix that seemed to work for some.But my registry had the right stuff and still even after disabeling it in WMP I am still stuck with it.If anyone has any ideas I could really use one.should I uninstall WMP to?Then there is nowhere else to go for those pesky mp3s but WinAmp.I dunno,,it really suks.I dig WinAmp but can't use it.Digital wonderland it ain't eh?.patrick
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register the file types with winamp:

preferences (ctrl+p) ---> media

turn on the winamp agent....:
preferences (ctrl+p) ---> media --> 'check' winamp agent

now de-register the file types with WiMP:
in windows media player

tools --> options --> (file types tab) --> uncheck everything

winamp can play all windows media content
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patrick brazil
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still wondering,,

thanks for your response.I have already done the things you suggested to no avail.When I reinstalled Real Player I chose custom setup on installation to make sure it did not take over my computer this time.I thought I was making progress until I went to try it after seeing on the Real Player reinstall that WinAmp was the player gonna do it.But when I tried it it brought up a blank Notepad!!???I am very close to giving up.I like WinAmp better but I don't think I want to fight for it.Anything else you could add or suggest would be appreciated.thanks,patrick.
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patrick brazil
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I think I got it!

Today,it seems to have worked! Maybe it was a reboot I dunno.I tried reboot last night with no resuts but negative.It should be stressed how invasive these players become.And hard to deal with when the settings you make in options do not seem to work.I like WinAmp much more that I thought I would, and wanted to use it right away without the media player battle in my computer.I am gonna uninstall RealPlayer and WMP in a few days after I am sure WinAmp will groove with it!!So far so good.I did go to Windows Explorer and address the situation there.I think that may have been my fix.I'm not sure,there was a big media player fight and I was distracted by the body blows being thrown from nowhere.So those of you in the same fight I can tell you WinAmp can win with your help.Just keep tryin.patrick
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