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I've got an icecast server running on a linux box (tested and operational).

However, I'm trying to stream to it with Winamp (win2k) and the DSP plug-in. I'm getting the "error connecting to host" message.

However, I have confirmed that it is making _no attempt_ to make a socket connection to my icecast server. I have verified this by writing a simple TCP daemon that hangs on the target port and listens (with accept()) for any incoming connections.

So the problem is occuring somewhere before it makes the connection and the error its displaying is not entirely accurate.

I have installed nstools.exe (3.01), the Windows MediaPlayer 7 and windows Media player encoder (latest).

So I'm wondering what could be going wrong? Do I need to install the shoutcast server on the box even though I'm not using it?

There was a post I saw where a guy logged his winamp session with "event log". How was this done:


I'd love to be able to trace the application like that...
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have you tried to listen other icecast streams with winamp, or listening your stream with windows media player?

I have noticed that the co-operation between icecast and shoutcast development teams isn't very good novadays. This is stupid and it is us, the end users, who are suffering a lot becouse of Nullsoft's "alternative technology promotion" policy. (Just read what they write in their faq about directory error #404.)

It wouldn't be any surprise if there is a hidden feature in recent winamp versions, making it not possible to listen to icecast streams.
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Wrong port?

Set your port +1

so if you have 8000 set as your Icecast Port, set the DSP to 8001.

Relatively old Egyption secret.
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